Pudgy Business Owner to Fit and Healthy
Kite-Surfing Expert! 
I was raised in a huge family where everything, including food, was rationed out. The ice cream was cut with a knife to make sure we all got the same amount. There was enough food for all of us, but not seconds. Junk food was super expensive, so we had homemade cookies and desserts instead of the super popular store made stuff. 
When I got married my wife wanted me happy. She perfected my fav Mac and Cheese and made it at least once a week. I was making good money selling real estate, so eating out and junk food was something I craved and enjoyed often.

Customers started noticing that I was gaining weight and I truly felt horrible. But eating made me feel good, especially since I was working so hard and under a TON of stress.

In time, I tried every diet out there. I dropped 45 pounds on the South Beach diet, just to gain it back within a year. I tried the Atkins diet and my wife refused to get close to me cause my breath stank! What…I was lost.

Then it happened, I saw someone kite surf and HAD to do it. But I was not that strong and with my current weight needed a kite that was very hard to manage.

I got busy, started reading everything I could about weight and being healthy. I read about the Bulletproof Diet and the way Dave Asprey talked about being healthy and eating resonated with me. I started drinking Bulletproof coffee, eating only protein and lots of veggies and intermittent fasting

I went from 220 pounds to 190 pounds. However, something else happened. I was used to feeling tired and yuck all the time, I thought I felt normal. Eating Bulletproof and working out taught me how great I could feel. I was hooked on feeling good!

I hired a coach and started learning how to kitesurf. I have now kitesurfed all over the world and it is one of my favorite stress busters. 

Today I know that my diet ties into how I feel and how much energy I have. I pay close attention to what I eat and it is very easy to say no to that cake!

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