How a Traffic Ticket Almost Ruined my Career
My dad could be fierce, and he had rules that we had to follow if we lived under his roof. He told me, if you get a ticket, I will take away your license for SIX months.

One of the things required to show homes to potential buyers is a car and a driver’s license. Back then you loaded the buyers into your car and gave them the grand tour of homes! 

It was 5:45 pm and I had to reach a listing by 6 pm to show it to some potential buyers. Time had flown away from me and I was pushing that pedal to the limit.

The dreaded flashing lights showed up in my rear-view mirror, and yes, according to the cop, I was going 90 in a 70! I begged and pleaded with the cop, letting him know that my life, as I knew it, was in jeopardy. He did not care,” young man, you’re getting a ticket.”

I was super embarrassed, but I began to cry. I knew that my Dad meant what he said, and I also knew that continuing real estate was my destiny!

The cop had never seen a grown man cry and he finally gave in and did NOT give me a ticket. My real estate career continued.  
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